An inside look into the financial playbook and tendencies of professional athletes.

Build for the Future

Build for the Future

A wise man once said that you should never take financial advice from someone who works off commission.  The problem is that most people who dish out financial or business advice do so on a commission basis.  I don't get paid commission to write this so everything I share here is completely unbiased.  I don't have a hidden agenda.  But I HAVE wanted to have this conversation with professional athletes and entertainers for some time so I am happy to have this opportunity.

For too long our community has been plundered of its resources.  Businesses move in and sell to us but dont hire us.  Landlords rent to us and then they take all that money and invest it back into their own community.  Professional athletes are no different.  People see these wealthy, yet impressionable young men as prey and they circle them, gobble them up and then when they are done with them they move onto the next.

This post is going to touch on 1) how you can and should annuitize your income so you NEVER go broke, 2) why you should utilize this strategy as opposed to living the fast life 

What is an annuity? 

First we need to understand how an annuity works and why it would be wise to embrace this strategy.  An annuity is a financial instrument that allows you to purchase an insurance like policy for lets say $1 million and this policy will pay you out a stream of income annually.  An annuity is great for those with capital because the interest rate is competitive and it allows you to maintain your wealth.  

I propose this idea in response to the alarming statistics about athletes who go broke shortly after they leave the league.  Using our hypothetical example, if you purchased an annuity paying 7% and put up $1 million you would then generate income of $70,000 per year passively.  You might not be able to pour champagne on butts with this amount of money but you wont starve and you will be doing better than roughly 80% of America.  This example is on $1 million though.  If athletes are being paid $10 million per year or $10 million total then the same $10 million at 7% yields 700k per year WHILE maintaining your principle.  FYI, insurance income is TAX FREE!  That means what you earn is what you keep!  This is one example of how you can and should leverage your athlete salary into perpetual wealth and passive income. 

Sidebar: There are many ways that will allow you to annuitize your income that aren't insurance contracts.  You can purchase multi family real estate, you can invest in an existing business or start up, you can purchase dividend paying stocks.  There are a ton of ways to accomplish the goal but the goal should be to live out the gains not the principle because the principle is fleeting.  If you invest in real estate your 7% gain can turn into 25% or better.  Using our 10 million dollar example you can see that there are huge benefits to this.  

Why Annuitize? That big pay check doesn't last forever

I propose this solution because most times athletes who make big money tend to live like they are going to make big money forever.  Athletes who make $10 million, for example, in one year will spend like they are going to make $10 million for the rest of their life (see Vince Young).  Statistically we know that the money has to stop at some point so it would be wise to plan the rest of your life at the beginning not the end.  This is why it is important that you have the patience and wisdom to scale back on all that shiny stuff and invest what you earn.  I promise you that you don't need 10 cars and you don't need 100 pairs of shoes.  Your community needs resources though and you will need to eat for the rest of your life.  It would be wise to avoid all the expensive European items and buy what will allow you to maintain your principle.  You can buy expensive items out of the gains.  Remember: "Assets buy luxuries"... 

You have to invest what you earn because that is the only thing that you can truly count on for the future.  Your money and your wealth are the key to financial independence.  So many people are looking to go into business but lack the funds to do so.  You have the funds and you have to abstain from the flashy stuff and trying to impress people.  You have the opportunity of a lifetime and you have to stretch it to cover you for the rest of your life time.  You do that by investing, preserving your principal for yourself and your heirs and living out the gains! 

I encourage all these athletes to strategically think about how they are going to stretch their income for the rest of their lives with financial tools. I would love to work with you and create a financial plan that will allow you to live like no one else and then later, after you retire, live like no one else.  If you have any questions please email me at

"You have to invest what you earn because that is the only thing you can truly count on in the future"

Charles L Oglesby III is an avid investor and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Todd Capital Investment Club that not only teaches individuals the benefits of investing but building for their future as well. Charles is outspoken on issues involving business, finance, entrepreneurship, and networking and has a podcast called the  Todd Capital Podcast. You can follow him on twitter via @toddmillionaire.

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