Anthony Tolliver: Perspectives From An NBA Veteran

Q: As a 10 + plus year veteran in the NBA you have not only seen it all but also have grown both on and off the court, can you tell us one thing you have learned when it comes to finances in professional sports.

A: I've learned that no matter how smart you are you will need help, especially if you want to invest and grow. 

Q: You have played overseas, D-league, and the NBA, how were you able to handle the different amounts of income coming your way at different times throughout your career?

A: I have just approached each stage with the same plan...spend a lot. The more money I've made, the higher % of my income I've saved. 

Q: Do you feel rookies are financially literate enough to handle the amount of money they receive?

A: Majority of them are not literate enough but that isn't due to lack of resources and opportunity to understand. Unfortunately some guys blow  millions of dollars before they realize the opportunity they have. 


Q: What ways would you help to alleviate some of the questions athletes face when it comes to money management and frugal prudence?

A:  The only way to help athletes is by giving them tools to help themselves. However, programs, clinics, and resources work only if they are willing to learn and take the information into action. 



Q: What has been the best advice you have received from a financial standpoint?

A: Try to set yourself up with at least 3 residual passive revenue streams. Also build your base of investments with Real Estate.


Q: Name one purchase you made that you wish you could take back?

A: I bought a kids fitness franchise location and lost a lot of money. But I learned a lot from it so it was just an expensive lesson learned.

Q: What is the most frugal thing you have ever done?

A: I have used coupons at McDonald's and I have skipped using bags at grocery stores to save (even if it's 10 cents a bag). 

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Anthony Tolliver

is an NBA veteran currently playing for the Detroit Pistons. Tolliver known for his ability to stretch the floor, solid defense, and leadership qualities has given him the opportunity to fit into many different teams. He has experience in the D-league and overseas to add to his NBA career. Tolliver graduated with a finance degree from Creighton and is avid serial entrepreneur. He recently attended the inaugural NBA's Players Summit hosted by Bloomberg and continues to expand his portfolio with businesses such as his real estate business