Giovani Bernard: Having a Frugal Foundation

Q: What was the big "aha" moment or have you always been frugal?

A: I think its just a matter of you wanna be able to sustain as much money as you can for your life. A lot of guys in the NFL they get a bunch of cash at one point and they kind of forget you have to spread it out throughout your whole life. You just never know what can happen. I've just always been that way. Whenever I get money I always save it. 

Of course you always hear about it(financial horror stories) at the rookie symposium just meetings and stuff as a rookie. At the end of the day, every man is going to do whatever he wants. 


Q: Was the NFL symposium helpful to you when you got in the league?

A: Maybe [for] some guys. For me I've kinda always been that way, it was just part of my DNA. 


Q: Are you still driving your girlfriend's mother's car?

A: No, I've been able to get a couple of deals so it's been nice. I was able to use that car for the time and I've got approached by a lot of dealerships to give me a free car(to endorse the dealership)so its been nice to be able to do that.


Q: Have you  learned more about being smart with your finances since you got in the league?

A: Yeah I think it's just a little bit. Instead of just saving you can start to invest. I love real estate, I've always kind of had an eye for that so Investment in real estate is always a good thing. Something that's hopefully steady. 


Q: Any advice to the NFL rookies this season?

A: Don't spend all your money. Just say no. It's hard! Of course it's gonna be hard because it's your family but at the end of the day you do have to save your money. 


Q: What was your worst purchase/least frugal purchase since you've been in the league?

A: Not really had anything yet. My home was my biggest purchase and that's real estate.

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Giovani Bernard

is an NFL running back for the Cincinnati Bengals. He is known for his powerful running alongside fellow running back Jeremy Hill. Bernard made waves early in his career for his frugal tendencies although being very well compensated.