James Nunnally: Perspectives from Overseas

Q: What has been the best financial advice you have received thus far in your career?

A: The best advice I've received, I'm sure as well many others have is to save money and prepare for the future.

Q: As a player that has played in both the NBA and Overseas  can you talk about the differences between the leagues both in terms of play and finances?

A: Both differentiate in both areas of play and pay. NBA is more of a players league and a little bit more about self in terms of stats. European basketball is very team oriented & tactical in how game plans are composed because every week every game is important, no time for slip ups.

In terms of finances the payment schedule and time of pay in NBA is automatic 1st & 15th you will be paid. In Europe it's a little different.. you will be paid, for the most part if not you can go to FIBA court to get your money if a team owes you. My experiences have been great I've been paid on time for the most part and received all of my money never had to go to court which is a blessing.


Q: How do you handle your spending habits dealing with foreign currencies traveling back and forth  to the US?

A: Spending habits overseas to me is a bit easier, the basic things are usually covered such as housing and transportation so worrying about food is the easy part. Not much extra money is being spent so I tend to save a lot.

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Q: What do you think are some misconceptions about athletes when it comes to money management?

A: Many athletes from my perspective have a short time period to make as much as we can so don't blow your earning on materialistic things and trying to show "you got it". If you really have it you don't need to show.


Q: What are some ways you think athletes can do better in being financially smarter in their decisions off the court?

A: Using common sense in managing your money is the best way athletes can become better at saving. Just remember styles and trends come and go so don't fall into "keeping up with the jones's"


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James Nunnally

is an American professional basketball player who has experience playing in the NBA and the top leagues overseas. Known for his lethal shooting, Nunnally currently plays for Fenerbache in Turkey.