FRUIT: Essentials to Budgeting

 How Budgeting with FRUIT can help you achieve financial freedom....not actual fruit, it's an acronym. 

So I listen to my fair share of podcasts. I happened to be listening to this one at the time the side hustle show and it was about Vincent Pugliese.

budget fruit.jpeg


Basically the episode was about how he went from newspaper photographer struggling to get out of debt to ultimately making more than he did in one year in a whole day through a photobook launch. He was able to accomplish this feat because of his steps of freelance to freedom


In the show the host Nick Loper talks about how Vincent used budgeting to help him achieve his goal.

Pugliese had this great acronym to help him Budget.


Food  Residence  Utilies  Insurance  Transportation


orange budgeting.jpeg

I thought that was really cool because as people managing their money, we all seek or try  these different ways to budget our money. Whether it’s a cool, savvy app, a document excel spreadsheet, or some complex algorithm, there are many different ways to budget. I really liked this because of the simplicity. If you think about it, FRUIT really covers everything you do.


Budgeting is a great way not to keep your expenses down but also know what you are spending money on. I remember when I first started this blog, I wrote about how much I spent on Uber rides. If I were to use this simple Fruit budget tool. I would have realized that maybe I need to cut down on my transportation.


FRUIT is an easy way to budget and know what you can cut down on and how well you are doing budgeting. Of course Fruit isn’t the only way to budget and it doesn’t keep track of other things like going out to the movies but just as fruit is essential part of your diet this acronym covers the essential parts of your budget the things you need to survive or live a comfortable life.

As discussed before there are a lot of different ways to budget I just thought it was interesting to hear this way, if you have any cool ways you budget be sure to share them.