Kendall McIntosh: Regulating Your Real Estate Portfolio

Q: What has been the best piece of advice you have received from a financial standpoint?

A: Invest! My parent’s have always been adamant about saving and investing as much as I could as often as I could. I enjoy spending time with them budgeting for things and planning out future investments. To me; the planning stage is one of the most exciting parts!


Q: After a tremendous youth career and college career at Santa Clara, did you feel you were prepared to handle your money at such a young age coming out of college? Do you feel more can be done from an educational standpoint at the school level?

A: Coming out of Santa Clara I was actually really excited to have real money I could put to work. I majored in finance and because of the wide array of subsections within finance, was allowed to take financial electives that I felt were interesting and applicable to life after college. I think this is one of the reasons why I felt prepared to deal with money as an adult. There were A LOT of things that I wasn’t really prepared for and I think it would behoove schools to teach personal finance classes that discuss setting up bill payment accounts, setting up utilities accounts, creating and maintaining good credit, and teaching systems for individuals to better track their expenses.



Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to young players coming into professional sports?

A: Invest! Talk to some of the guys on the team who are willing to discuss what they do with their money and how they make it work for them. For me Nat Borchers was that guy. At the end of last season we spoke a few times about investing and he gave me Rich Dad, Poor Dad to read in the off-season. He also discussed some of his investing strategies and impressed upon me that starting as soon as possible is one of the best things you can do for your financial future.


Q: What are some ways frugal tendencies that you use in your everyday life?

A: I try to discuss all my expenses with my brother before I make them. Especially impulse purchases. I feel like this allows me to take a step back from the chain reaction; I see it, I like it, I buy it. By looping someone else in, who is going to always be brutally honest, I start to see the purchase through his eyes. I start to think, do I really need this? It builds in a natural buffer period where I have to think about the purchase longer than I normally would.


Q: You own a property that you use as an Air BnB, can you talk about that process?

A: So initially when I came back to Portland in the off-season my brother and I began looking at houses we believed would be good long term investments. Finding a house which satisfied most of our financial requirements was really, really difficult at first. We  created (or at least attempted to create) a valuation model that allowed us to compare different houses in different neighborhoods. The issue we kept running into was  the housing market in Portland, (especially as we entered Spring) was booming and houses were being bought at what we believed to be over inflated prices. Eventually, we pivoted a few times and found a home we believed would cash flow. The process of actually buying a home was also more difficult than we thought it would be and occasionally relied on our parents’ experience to help make decisions. The one caveat I’d offer when buying a house, as with every investment is that you really need to know the numbers. There are a lot of expenses! Do your research!


Now that we own the house. We want a way to minimize the amount of money we spend on the mortgage and maintenance so we decided to use Air BnB. So far it has been fairly seamless and our tenants have been fantastic for the most part. My brother deals with the  client facing issues like bookings and interactions. I do the day to day maintenance and renovations at the house. So far so good!


Q: How do you handle your time management by playing professionally but handling a business on the side?

A: My brother helps me a lot. I’m not sure I could do it all without him. He helps me stay on track with reminders and deadlines while also being able to discuss soccer stuff whenever. He’s like a business partner/shrink/soccer consultant and he really helps keep me from losing my mind and my time.


Q: Do you plan on expanding your real estate portfolio? If so, what do you look for and how do you research?

A: We definitely do! I actually was talking to Nat the other day and he said I wasn’t dreaming big enough so my brother and I have already begun to figure out our next move and what we want that to look like. Each investment you have is going to be slightly different but our end goal for each one is the same. So we kind of work backward from our goal and start piecing together the investment based on what is going to get us to our goal. We will probably make another attempt at a few different valuation models to see if we can improve on our last experience and hopefully find something that will allow us to keep taking steps forward toward financial freedom.



Kenall McIntosh

is an American goalkeeper currently playing for the Portland Timbers. Known for his shot stopping and command of the box, McIntosh has shown the consistency that made him a standout on youth national teams and college at Santa Clara. McIntosh is passionate about business and alongside his brother plans to expand his real estate portfolio.