Turning Your Passions Into Profit with Twitch

How many of you play video games??? For athletes especially younger athletes coming home from practice you are probably either taking a nap, binge watching tv shows, or playing video games. I remember a friend of mine, Quincy Amarikwa, explaining how he made money playing video games. I was so shocked but since I'm not really a video game guy I just brushed it along. 

Recently I had a team appearance with Twitch. Twitch is a big video game company that was recently acquired by Amazon that connect gamers to a platform. I was able to play video games and connect with fans and other online gamers while I was playing. Eric Brunner, who is a former professional soccer player works with Twitch, told me that you can monetize by playing Twitch. I was so curious to learn more. You can make money playing video games? Who would have thought. As an athlete who enjoys playing video games, why wouldn't you do it?

You can use your platform to connect with fans and play video games while making money, it seems like a no brainer since you'd be at home playing the games anyway. As Andy Lubahn says in Leveraging with Lubahn, it is important to take advantage of your status to market yourself and other passions.

Fans love connecting with athletes outside of interviews and if you could use your status to create an avenue where you are making money or working with video games a passion of yours it makes complete sense. In fact that is how Eric Brunner ended up working with Twitch. He was passionate about video games and ended up interning with them one offseason, and now he is in charge of sports partnerships through Twitch. 

There are many ways to use your passions to create other avenues of income or pursue post career opportunities. Whether it's youtube videos like football player Cedric Thompson or photography like my good friend, Ethan White, or even music like Damian Lilliard.... Leverage your talent and hard work to not only create new avenues of income but pursue your other passions.

This blog is about understanding your passions, and using it to build your brand and possible post career aspirations. A lot of guys struggle when they retire but if you can use your passions and status to help you and your transition, you will be better off for it long term.  As athletes we have a small window to maximize our career earnings but that shouldn't stop us from finding ways to turn our passions into profit. 

P.S. I had so much fun with Twitch at my appearance I'm thinking about coming back on the FIFA sticks ...be on the lookout for #twitchthursdays lol