Celebrating One Year of A Frugal Athlete

It’s officially been one year with Frugal Athlete. It’s crazy to think how much this project has grown, and today, I'm excited to share our newly refreshed website. We hope you'll find it helps you discover the content that is most interesting to you.

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I remember when I first started the website and had no clue on how to even post a blog at first! It’s been amazing to see how far the platform has changed since those early days. I’ve learned so much and developed a new appreciation for bloggers and entrepreneurs since I started Frugal Athlete. I honestly don’t know how y’all do it. It’s way harder than it looks and there’s a lot of intricate details that go behind growing a brand and starting a business, so I’d like to thank everyone that has helped get Frugal Athlete this far - I can’t thank you enough and look forward to continue to grow it.

When I first started Frugal Athlete, it was more of a side project to help showcase the financial playbooks and prudent financial practices of professional athletes, but it has morphed into something I have a real passion for - helping others to increase their financial literacy. As Frugal Athlete goes into year two, our plan is to provide more content and information that can be used to help you add to your financial playbook.  We've heard from our visitors how much they enjoy the content - thank you! - so we promise to keep the hammer down on getting valuable information out, as well as finding more new ways to get information out, whether it’s webinars, videos, booklets, or relating current news and shows back to our site.

Over the last year, it’s been a real pleasure to learn from so many different people: other athletes, financial advisors, student athletes, agents, lawyers and more. What I’ve personally found the most interesting is how many athletes really have a keen interest in the business of sports and their financial playbook. This isn't the narrative that people always hear about. The athletes I've talked with may not always know the best way to go about a certain aspect of a particular financial topic, but the desire to learn and put that learning into action is definitely at the top of their minds. That's why I think it's so important to continue to focus on financial literacy as there is always so much to learn, whether you are an athlete or not.

Another thing I’ve found interesting is no matter at what level the athlete is, from a pay scale standpoint, we all deal with the similar issues that affect our playbook. It could be learning how to say no to certain members of the family, or deciding if it’s smart to rent or buy a house, or how to plan your budget in a contract year. These are all things us athletes deal with. Obviously my financial dealings will be different than Kobe Bryant or Tom Brady's, but we still deal with similar issues. This is why I feel like it’s important to share stories from fellow athletes, whether they are LeBron James or a rookie in the minor leagues. There is always something you can learn that could impact your current financial situation and your overall playbook.

From our website to our social media channels, we want to connect with our visitors on all fronts, and be the hub for financial literacy and prudent financial practices, seen through the eyes of professional athletes. As we hope you can see, we are work to improving every day and hope to continue to be a valuable resource, so please drop us a line and let us know what else you'd like to see or topics we should cover. The website rebrand is just the start; we are planning a bunch of new things that are still in the works. 

Thanks for all the love and make sure to follow all our media channels...this is just the beginning!