Kate Deines: Investing In Your Future

Q: What was the best financial advice you received during your professional career?

A: Start investing and saving for retirement as soon as possible. This may sound over- simplistic but people often times overlook the power of compounding. If invested properly, it’s surprising how quickly you can grow your savings.


Q: Based on your experience, what advice would you give young athletes?

A: Enjoy every moment; these will be some of the best memories of your life. While you are playing, challenge yourself to network with professionals, earn an advanced degree, and find an industry you are passionate about. Good planning allows athletes to easily transition to the business world while helping them avoid entry-level jobs.


Q: What are some things you have learned about the financial sector you didn’t know beforehand?

A: The value of including  private equity, private real estate, and alternative investments in a portfolio. This is particularly important since there are half as many publicly traded companies in the U.S. as there were 20 years ago. Private markets can provide increased diversification in a portfolio while also being a highly attractive asset class from a risk/reward standpoint.



Q: How important is financial literacy in establishing a successful financial playbook?

A: True financial literacy represents independence and freedom. It is a subject often neglected in school curricula and as a result people are unfamiliar with their own finances. It is important to find an advisor whom you trust and whose investment philosophy you believe in. This person will be able to help educate you as it relates to your portfolio and comprehensive financial situation.  


Q: Talk about your transition from soccer into the financial sector. What was the process like and how have you adjusted?

A: Closing the door on a sport after 20+ years is never an easy process. Despite the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced after retiring, I went back to graduate school and completed a Master of Science in finance from Pacific Lutheran University.

Less than two years later, I am in a dream job as an investment advisor for a wealth management firm, Arnerich Massena. We specialize in building globally diversified portfolios for high net worth individuals, families, endowments, foundations, and large institutions.


Q: The pay gap can be very tough for some professional female athletes to manage. How do athletes cope with this issue? Is any progress being made on the issue in the long-run?

A: The pay gap is a harsh reality for a female professional athlete or a woman in the workforce. Whether it’s on or off the soccer field, I think the greatest thing we can do as women is to continually empower and support each other.

Never be afraid to ask for a raise or equal pay. You will never get what you don’t ask for!


Q: From a financial standpoint, what is one thing you wish you knew before you started playing professionally?

A: Although the National Women’s Soccer League did not afford players employer-sponsored retirement plans, I wish I would have taken the initiative to set aside a fixed portion of my monthly paycheck to fund a Roth IRA or taxable brokerage account.



Kate Deines

is a former standout professional soccer player that has experience in both the NWSL and overseas. She has won at every level she has played and has carried that winning mentality into her post career. Deines currently works a top associate investment advisor at Arnerich Massena Inc