Team Frugal: Serena Williams

Being frugal is about more than being stingy with your money. It means being prudent, smart and economical with your finances and career decisions. Every Tuesday, we share profiles of athletes that exemplify what it means to be A Frugal Athlete.


Sometimes it’s about standing up and fighting for a cause that can support and put more people like you in a position to succeed that makes you a true leader and teacher.

For that reason, Serena Williams is this week’s #TeamFrugalTuesdays edition. 


serena williams.jpg


Serena Williams recently did an interview for the Uninterrupted series #KneadingDough. In that interview, she covers a number of topics about her career, financial playbook, and equal pay in sports. 

Serena Williams was reported as the highest paid female athlete for 2016, she is estimated to have a net worth of over 150 million dollars. Besides her career earnings, Williams carries quite the portfolio. Her endorsements and business interests as well as affinity for real estate have allowed her to set up quite the nest egg. She sits on the board for Survey Monkey and has an ownership stake with the Miami Dolphins to give you an idea of the type of big business she is involved in.

 Serena credits her passion for the game of tennis over money as a key reason to why she’s kept a level head when it comes to her financial playbook. When you are obsessed with competing, you aren't wasting time going on shopping sprees and little indulgences. In addition, she acknowledges that having a vested interest and a hands on approach is key to making sure your financial playbook is properly looked over. In her interview, she even jokes that having a finance who is the co founder of Reddit helps as well when it comes to doing due diligence on possible ventures.  


Serena Williams's record speaks for itself. She will ultimately go down as one of the greatest athletes of all time, male or female. Knowing that,  Williams could simply rest on her laurels and be off in the sunset relaxing. However, Serena has made a cautious effort to be an advocate for female athletes in the fight for equal pay.  There have been times where she's been affected by being a female figure in the sports world. If someone as dominate as Serena Williams has to fight such adversity, imagine how hard it is for the rest of women professional athletes.