October Book Of The Month: Millionaire Mindset | 7 Principles Athletes Need For Financial Freedom

Every month we will provide a recommended read to help you on your way to take the next steps in becoming A Frugal Athlete. Our hope is that the books provided will help you make the prudent decisions both financially and career wise to help with your own personal playbook. Starting with the book and description, throughout the month we will engage you with questions and points made in the book. Ultimately leaving you with our key takeaways hoping to create open dialogue and discussion on different ways to ultimately become a frugal athlete.

williams brandon.jpeg

Brandon Williams former NFL player turned entrepreneur provides a playbook to help athletes at all levels create a lifestyle that builds financial freedom. Williams gives personal experiences to help share the struggles athletes face after their careers are over. His book serves as a guide to athletes to build the financial foundation they desperately need.