Why So Many Athletes Are Endorsing Mattresses

Ever wonder why there are so many athletes nowadays endorsing a mattress brand that you’ve probably never heard of? I did a cursory Google search and in two seconds found four NFL players endorsing a mattress. Bradley Chubb and Chris Hogan apparently both sleep on a Bear mattress, Randall Cobb uses a Lull bed, and Tom Brady and Russell Wilson are all about the Molecule mattress as investors and users. And that’s just scratching the surface.

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There are something like 40+ online mattress brands out there and a good number of them pay celebrities and athletes to endorse their product. But why? After all, a mattress is a fairly nontraditional product for an athlete to endorse. It’s not like we’re dealing with sneaker companies here.  

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The entire mattress industry is being upended and consumers are becoming increasingly open to shopping for mattresses online. I know, the whole notion seems absurd. How could you buy a mattress online without trying it first?

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These brands have sort of cracked the code when it comes to getting individuals to try their beds. They offer free shipping, a generous trial period, and completely free returns. They basically make the entire process risk-free for the consumer. And, clearly the business model works or else they couldn’t afford to offer such consumer-friendly policies. One brand, Tuft & Needle, even says that 95% of consumers keep their new bed.

So, (a) the business model is sound and (b) the product must be pretty nice if the vast majority of consumers are keeping it. But, with such a simple formula, naturally, more and more mattress brands have emerged. That’s where athletes come in. These brands not only need creative ways to introduce and market their products, but also, they need influential people to help make the decision easy for consumers. Think of it this way. If you have 50 or more products to choose from and you’re sort of unfamiliar with them all, wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone you admire steer you in the right direction? That’s pretty much exactly what athletes are doing.

These mattress brands seem to be indiscriminate with who they’ll work with also. We’ve seen NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS athletes all endorse mattresses and that doesn’t even count Olympians, action sports professionals, golfers, tennis players, bodybuilders, Crossfitters, and even wives of athletes. This really all comes down to that people need advice and guidance when spending a lot of money on somewhat confusing products.

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So that’s what athletes are doing for mattress brands, but what about the reverse? Well, clearly, the athletes are, at minimum, getting a brand new mattress. That’s always helpful when recovery is a big part of your job. These athletes are working so hard physically that they need to make certain that their sleep is as restful as possible. Health is wealth, not everyone will be able to invest in their body but recovery can help your performance which will lead to more opportunities. Just ask Harrison Smith of the Vikings!

We actually teamed up with the folks at the Slumber Yard to create a post about the best mattresses for athletes. They factored in elements such as design, construction, temperature regulation, health-conscious materials, and so on. If you’re looking for a new mattress, but aren’t quite sure where to start, that post should be very helpful.  

So, what are the major takeaways from this article? First, the mattress industry is changing, quickly. Second, the mattress industry is unbelievably crowded and competitive. And third, and finally, athletes are instrumental not only in marketing products, but also in guiding the decision making process for a lot of consumers.