The Blessing Syndrome

Why Your Financial Blessings Are Not Always Blessings

Jarvis Landry is famous for coining the “Bless Em” phrase. If you watched the last season of Hard Knocks, you may be familiar with him saying bless em every time he or another offensive player made a good play. He explains that when you are blessed with God given abilities and talent it’s your civic duty to bless others.

The blessing syndrome Landry describes on the field is far better than the blessing syndrome we see with athletes off the field on a daily basis use. Professional athletes are put in difficult situation financially when they feel they have to use their fortunate circumstances and blessings to help and bless the ones around them, ultimately hurting their financial stability.

We have seen countless cases of professional athletes overextending themselves trying to bless their whole immediate circle. Yes, your athletic ability gave you the ability to provide and do things that others are not as fortunate are not able to do but that doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of what’s at stake instead

Count Your Blessings, literally

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