Understanding Value

As David Byrne from BrightLights LLC points out understanding your value is very important as a professional athlete. Not only your value but the value of the everyday things you use and pay for. You may recognize David Byrne when he spoke to us about leveling the playing field. During a recent podcast he stressed the importance of understanding value.

Value is the regard to something that is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something

As professional athletes we waste a lot of money and leave a lot of money on the table because we don’t understand the value. For example, is it necessary to pay somebody to pay your bills when you can easily set up automatic payments? Do you need to a chef on a monthly retainer on top of your meal prep plan and team provided meals and going out to eat? What’s the value of paying that amount. What is my financial advisor providing that amounts to me paying a 3-5% fee?


Bryne pleads to anyone that is listening that by simply understanding value, athletes and individuals could help solve the problem of getting scammed by business managers and financial advisors and simply wasting money.