Why Athletes Should Take Externship Programs

The NFLPA offers externship programs for active players in the league to gain the necessary business skills that will help athletes ultimately translate into the corporate world. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to learn the ins and outs of different corporations to see where their passions and skill sets align. Rather than waiting until after your career is over, an externship program gives you a training camp of sorts to what you will most likely be doing post career.

There is no excuse, if you are serious about your career development to not seek out the externship programs the players association provides. You will not only learn practical traits that will help you develop but gain relationships that you may need down the road. When you do finally make the jump into the corporate world, you will have a head start and not have to start from the bottom because you’ve shown that you’ve taken the time to be active through your career to seamlessly transition.

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As athletes, it’s important we are continuously finding ways to develop, learn, and evolve. You can take three weeks out of your offseason to expand your development and increase your network. Take advantage of all that the players associations have to offer.

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