Team Frugal: Ryan Nece

Being frugal is about more than being stingy with your money. It means being prudent, smart and economical with your finances and career decisions. Every Tuesday, we share profiles of athletes that exemplify what it means to be A Frugal Athlete.

Ryan Nece is always thinking about the Next Play. That’s how he was raised by his parents and famous Super Bowl, Hall of Fame father Ronnie Lott. How are you building your foundation to prepare for what’s next? What decisions are you making now to impact your future?

Ryan Nece spent 8 years in the NFL and was fortunate enough to become a Super Bowl Champion as well. For all of his success on the field that didn’t stop him from actively taking steps to plan for the future. Ryan Nece spent his off seasons participating in the NFLPA externship programs to build his business acumen. In an excerpt from Money Players, Nece gives three concepts that helped him succeed as “a frugal athlete.”

Keep it simple, be a professional, and live below your means are the factors that have helped Nece succeed.

nece football.jpg

Ryan Nece currently serves as managing partner for a VC firm he founded called Next Play Capital after selling a sports media company to Fox Sports. His mission behind Next Play is to cultivate tangible connections at the intersection of sports and tech.