Gifts for Significant Others

With Valentines Day on the horizon I felt this was an appropriate time to talk about gifts for the significant others or persons of interest. I’ve rarely talked about how dating, relationships and finance tie together because I don’t feel that’s my place to be talking about it. Many people in the financial field however stress it’s an important factor that must be acknowledged for athletes. 



What I will say about this is that when it comes to gifts and lavish dates, be efficient. There is only so many purses or red bottoms you can buy your girlfriend. Only so many rolexes and Jordans you can buy your boyfriend. Instead of the 3 to 8 thousand dollar handbag  help  advance her business by upgrading her office equipment. Instead of buying your man a diamond encrusted watch, pay for his country club membership so he can connect with business executives. Rather you go to Nobu for the 80th time…make a sushi date night. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that experience more than another 300 dollar dinner tab. 



These are just some examples to get you in the mindset of being efficient with your gifts and date ideas. If the person you are dating really likes you it won’t matter if you got them something over the top anyways. I’m not saying you should never spoil your significant other, I just wanted to write this quick blog to help you understand another way people can lose focus on their financial path. 


Happy Valentines Day or as  I like to say, HallMark Holiday

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