Top Professional Athletes On Youtube

Youtube is a video sharing platform that has blossomed into it’s own hub of information, entertainment, and so much more. With Youtube TV and everything else Youtube is doing, individuals don’t have to wait for companies to reach out to them for content creation or to be in a commercial or to do a documentary, you can do it all on your own. What does this mean for athletes? This is another way to control your brand, have a say in how you want your fans to not only see you but engage with you, and get paid...Yes, get paid. I’m sure you’ve heard of the countless youtube vloggers that make substantial income just chronicling their lives. Substantial as in hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars vlogging. As a professional athlete, imagine the viewership you demand and can create.


Even though Youtube has been around for what seems like forever now still there aren’t many top end professional athletes taking advantage of the platform. I vividly recall Gary Vee and Steve Nash having a discussion about why professional athletes aren’t taking advantage of it and why every professional athlete should have their own youtube channel. I guess I’ll leave that for further discussion at a another time but in the meantime check out my lists of the top athletes taking advantage of youtube right now. If you listened to episode 3 of a frugal athlete podcast you may already be familiar with these names...

Kevin Durant


Matt Sheldon (Become Elite)