Team Frugal: Alfred Morris

Being frugal is about more than being stingy with your money. It means being prudent, smart and economical with your finances and career decisions. Every Tuesday, we share profiles of athletes that exemplify what it means to be A Frugal Athlete.


It was coach Herm Edwards that once said, “You can only drive one car at a time” when discussing the topic of spending habits amongst athletes.  I wish more athletes would heed that advice. However, it’s hard when you are signing million dollar deals to not splurge on some purchases for yourself after the hard work you put it in to get to where you are. It’s easy to get caught up when you can easily afford things that were once unattainable. 

Alfred Morris could have been another professional athlete that blew his fortune on lavish purchases but instead  he kept himself grounded. Morris is best known as the NFL running back that still drives a 1991 Mazda as his vehicle of choice. According to cnbc, Morris drives the modest vehicle to help him stay humble. 

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Staying grounded allows you to cherish how far you have come and keep yourself motivated to continue pursuing whatever goals you have set out for yourself. 


Morris is a great example of an athlete controlling his spending habits. Yes, you can spend your money and reward yourself when you have the means to do so. It doesn't mean you have to go overboard, you have to make sure that you are controlled with your spending. You can buy one nice car, you don’t have to buy 4 nice cars. You can buy one nice house, you don’t have to buy 8 nice houses. Too much of anything eventually becomes detrimental if you can't control it. If you can control your spending habits and keep yourself grounded, you are one step closer to gaining the true financial freedom you seek as a professional athlete.