Side Hustles For Athletes

Side Hustles Athletes can do to make extra income

For professional athletes, having an extra income isn’t quite necessary considering the average salary some athletes are making. What fails to get mentioned when talking about salaries in relation to athletes are which professional athletes you are talking about. We have to keep in mind that not all athletes are making the big bucks we often see on headlines. We fail to mention the athletes in the minor leagues, or on semi guaranteed contracts, or contracts that only pay during season. I haven’t even touched on the athletes that play sports that have small revenue streams or athletes that make their money based on only incentives and endorsements. Don’t get me started on the salaries of most female athletes, female athletes get paid substantially lower than male counterparts in their sports careers.  This is why I bring up side hustles. Some athletes spend their downtime finding ways to make extra money  out of necessity, while others do it to  help fund their other passions and businesses, and some do it to just make extra money to stay clear from their main source of income because everyone knows it’s bible that you should have more than one source of income at all times ideally.

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If you are a penny hoarder follower like myself, you already are familiar with all types of side hustles but this is going to be our version of side hustles for frugal athletes



Training and Coaching individuals whether it’s on fitness, specific sport, mental conditioning you can use your experiences to do private training or coaching sessions. Either on your own or through apps such as Coach Up like Steph Curry.





You know the game, you can spend your off time refereeing youth games in your specific sport for pretty good money. Of course you would have to get certifications but that’s an easy process.


Whether it’s speaking engagements or literally “celebrity” appearances you can charge your own rate to attend



Car Service

 Drive for Uber Or Lyft like AJ Francis or even rent your car when you are not using it through an app like Turo.

AJ Francis driving Uber in his offseason 

AJ Francis driving Uber in his offseason 


Whether it’s a vlog or podcasts depending on your reach big companies can pay you for ads on your platforms.


Blog writing for various publications can help you get extra cash


Of course there are so many different side hustles you can do but these are basic ones that don’t require any outside skills or passions.