Do Clothes Make the Man?

Mark Twain famously coined the phrase “clothes make the man.” I’m personally indifferent on this phrase because although I believe how you present yourself carries a lot of weight, it doesn’t mean you should go overboard with spending all types of money on clothes. Making sure you are up to part doesn’t mean you have to be dripped down head to toe in the latest designer luxury brands.

Can you guess the cost of these shoes? 

Can you guess the cost of these shoes? 


I’m always confused when people spend hundreds of dollars or sometimes even thousands of dollars on certain garments and shoes. I’m sorry but I can’t justify spending 400 dollars for a Gucci belt.

Now let's not get it misconstrued, I’m not saying you have to shop at the thrift store for your clothes. It makes no sense paying for something cheap if you are going to have to replace it after one spin cycle, I’m just saying be methodical in how you shop. Instead of getting a whole set luxury belts by one nice set or instead of having 10 designer shoes by 2 that can be worn for a multitude of occasions. I’ve literally seen athlete friends of mine spend 1500 dollars on a shoe just because it matches with one of their fits.

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With the NFL draft coming up you will see plenty of new millionaires dressed to the nines either with custom suits that brands partnered with them to wear or  suits already bought in advance. Regardless, it’s just the beginning of what’s to come if they don’t proceed with caution when it comes to shopping for clothes. They will soon have millions of dollars waiting to be spent on a Jordan shoe collection or the latest Yeezys or the new Balenciaga's or an LV belt collection. Clearly you have to act your wage, there is a difference between Cam Newton spending money on his fashion than a 6th round NFL rookie. What's crazy is that many times you see the athletes on lower wages or non guaranteed contracts spending more to keep up with the more established athletes which doesn't make sense. Clothes are one of the easiest things athletes lose track of spending money on.

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Lamar Jackson who should be a top pick in the NFL draft tomorrow caught some flack a couple years ago for wearing a discounted Macy’s suit. To be honest, no one would have known it was a Macy’s suit had he not disclosed the information. The suit was very nice and well put together. Considering he was in college at the time, no one truly expected him to have money to get  a Hugo Boss or Tom Ford suit for example. But because of his stature as an athlete, people expect you to wear certain things. That shouldn’t be the case. I always fall back to Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson stating that he use to wear fake earrings claiming that all diamonds shine the same and no one expects him to wear fake earrings so he gets away with it. I use this saying to bring home that yes clothes make the man in a sense but if they already know you what’s the point of going the extra mile to flaunt it?