Using A Budget

I recently started using an app for my budget tracking. I’ve always been skeptical about putting too much personal financial information on an app not associated with my banks but it was about time I get with the program. Being Frugal is all about being efficient and the excel sheets and monthly planners just weren’t cutting it anymore.


Using the budget app has kept me in line with financial goals I have set for myself and helped me stay accountable on daily spending. Depending on the app you use, you can allocate a certain amount for different categories of spending. For example, last month I went over on my gas budget for my car. What’s also cool about certain budget apps especially the one I use is that it  provides your net worth. This is a great tool because it aligns all your assets from all your debts owed. As Dave Ramsey says, you can’t find true wealth until you don’t owe anybody money. What I personally really like about this budget app is that it keeps an organized database of all your expenses and transactions which makes it way easier for tax season.

This is not a sponsored post which is why I stayed clear from saying which budget app I use but here are a few that I would consider if you don’t have one already:

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You Need A Budget

Nerd Wallet

Every dollar



Being able to track your expenses on your own and be self disciplined is important as a frugal athlete. When you are making money from multiple streams of income from your team and endorsements and per diem , etc it’s important to not lose track of how you are spending it. Your budget app allows you to keep track of all times while not relying on your financial advisor to handle this. Although it’s their job , at the end of the day it’s your money so it’s your responsibility to be smart and the one way to do that is to create a budget