Team Frugal: Tobias Dorzon

Being frugal is about more than being stingy with your money. It means being prudent, smart and economical with your finances and career decisions. Every Tuesday, we share profiles of athletes that exemplify what it means to be A Frugal Athlete.


Imagine being able to take a passion of yours and  make a profitable business while incorporating it to the sport you love. That is exactly what Tobias Dorzon did with his love for cooking  and  for that reason he is our  team frugal athlete of the week.

Although his professional football career in the NFL and CFL didn't last as long as he may have liked. Tobias is still very much involved in the game serving as a personal chef to many professional athletes such as Santana Moss, Desean Jackson, and Tyrod Taylor. His company Victory Chefs is a catering service located in the DC area. He has also expanded to a food truck service as well. 

What is important to take away from Dorzon's story is that he was able to turn a passion of his into a long term career. Football didn't work out but ultimately it did because he used his resources to help build a following to ultimately build his business. He took the time to go to culinary school to get the right certifications and experience. He invested in himself!!


From there,  he used his social media to market himself and grow his brand. This is what led to him connecting with former NFL teammates and competitors. Who better to be a personal chef for professional athletes than one who's been through the same rigors of a professional athlete's career?  Dorzon was able to use his experience to relate to fellow athletes and increase his clientele.  

Dorzon may not be an NFL Hall of Famer but he was able to say he played professionally and follow his other passion while staying involed in that same sport, which is a win by all accounts.