Education vs Entertainment

Why Your Education Still Matters When You Become A Professional 

For every dollar you spend on entertaining yourself how much are you spending to increase your learning, financial literacy, or knowledge in a particular subject? 

If you have been listening to our podcast you will recall this phrase as I talked about it on episode 3 after my time at the NBA all star weekend. During that weekend, I attended the Pay Yourself summit hosted by the Pursuit Sports Group.

Kevin Carr, founder of Pro 2 CEO, was on the panel and discussed this very topic. Your Education Vs Entertainment relationship!!

He stressed that athletes have all this money to spend on vacations and nights out but when it comes to investing in themselves or educating themselves, they tend to shy away from it. 

Education doesn't necessarily have to be only school and degrees. You can educate yourself in other ways outside of that in order to help your cause longterm. Lack of education and simple understanding for various subjects that can aid with financial literacy and career transition is a major reason why athletes struggle post retirement. 


As an athlete you are constantly looking for ways to get better because if not someone will take your spot or coach might go another direction. Whether it’s starting yoga, changing  your diet,  or watching more film, you are consistently perfecting your craft. How come it can't be the same for off the field?

The same has to be done for yourself off the field or court. You have to invest in your education and continued learning instead of solely entertainment. Say you are passionate about fashion design. Instead of going in blindly, you can invest in a couple of books that can help you get a simple understanding of the right steps to take to get off to a good start. Instead of spending your offseason traveling the world spend a week or couple days attending a seminar or connecting with a fashion brand during Fashion Week. In this particular situation, you are investing in both your education and entertainment. Keep your education vs entertainment relationship proportional. 

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Your education vs entertainment relationship is very important 

Justin Tuck who we highlighted  as a team frugal athlete is a great example of someone understanding his own education vs entertainment relationship

Screenshot 2018-05-07 16.42.15.png

According to his twitter he’s by all accounts finished his MBA program from University of Penn Wharton Business school. Tuck could have rested on his laurels considering his excellent career with earnings upwards of 50 million but he understands how important it is to continue to pursue excellence and invest proportionately in your education vs entertainment relationship. 

Another example is Amari Cooper of the Oakland Raiders. He was a 1st round pick and upon being drafted overnight millionaire. Why should he worry about graduating from Alabama? The reason is because he understands his education is important and his career will only last so long. He sacrificed time in his offseason to increase his education and he will be better for it in the long term. 

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What are some ways you can increase the education part of your education vs entertainment relationship?