Best XI at Hashtag Sports

*A Frugal Athlete is a media partner with Hashtag Sports

Hashtag Sports is essentially the World Cup of sports conferences... in the fact that the top players in every sector related to the sports industry will be in attendance. From business to media to innovation to sports betting to branding and even technology, different companies, entities and individuals will commence in New York and shape the future of what we call the Sports Economy. Unlike the World Cup there will be here no VAR at this event if you are wondering. 

I have the luxury of attending the 2018 Hashtag sports conference in New York this time around and couldn’t be more excited to attend the event. After coming across the platform last year via twitter and seeing the tremendous conversations, specifically an athlete entrepreneurship panel that included Ryan Mundy and Marques Colston, I knew I had to attend. Fast forward a year later, A Frugal Athlete is a media partner with Hashtag Sports for the annual conference.

*This is what we are always preaching as professional athletes, take advantage of your resources no matter how big or small in order to accomplish different feats you may have but that's a story for another day.

Uninterrupted Panel at 2017 Hashtag Sports conference

Now back to my point….Hashtag Sports is the world’s largest sports media and innovative conference. The premise behind Hashtag sports is to “bring together the creative and marketing, media, sponsorship, and tech industries with the sports economy for a one-of-a-kind event in New York City."

There are so many different segments that I’m eager to attend but I will give you my Best XI (sticking with the World Cup theme) of the ones that you will for sure seeing us attend:

Entrepreneurship For Professional Athletes

Venture Investing For Professional Athletes

Screenshot 2018-06-22 02.07.37.png
Screenshot 2018-06-22 02.10.24.png

"JuJu Smith-Schuster joins opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence to discuss his brand journey from college to the NFL. We dive into the Smith-Schuster's personal brand strategy, the role of his reps, team and league, and the future of athlete marketing as sports properties from high school to the pros embrace the value of building their athletes’ brands."

Minorities in Sports Networking Event

"The Minorities in Sports Business Network are the diverse minds behind your favorite sports teams, brands, athletes, charities, and content. Join us as we bring the industry’s most engaging group chat to life to discuss, debate and solve hot-button issues impacting the sports world."

Hashtag Sports Comedy Hour hosted at Bleacher Report


We are going to personally confront Roy Woods JR for this tweet 

.....and for good laughs and to check out Bleacher Report

Athletes Business The Power of The Group

"Athletes are now more than just stars in the new sports economy; they're the center of a unique universe of marketing and media. In a move to bolster group licensing opportunities and provide the ability for athletes to support athletes in growing their business in the new sports economy, last fall the NFL Players' Inc. launched a first-of-its-kind group representation business that offers licensing and brand management services to athlete-driven sports properties." 

Athlete To Entreprenuer

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Screenshot 2018-06-22 02.26.26.png


Building Stronger Fans through Youtube

  • This workshop will include:
  • Best practices for leveraging the YouTube platform
  • Tools for rightsholders to control and manage user-submitted content and allow fans to assist with programming
  • Tips on getting brands to invest in and publish content that in line with league goals and rights"
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The Value of Premium Original Content

"The panel will also explore how platforms and distributors value content rights, and the benefits of new digital/social formats over traditional broadcast TV shows."

We Work Networking Event



What’s great about events like these is that you are able to connect with so many different big players in one space. It’s a true case of iron sharpens iron and I would suggest that if you have the ability to attend then definitely do so or plan for next year and use this year to  follow along via twitter .

*A Frugal Athlete is a media partner with Hashtag Sports