Live Frugally Like Saquon Barkley and Rob Gronkowski

How Saquon Barkley and Rob Gronkowski are able to live without using their NFL contracts.


Athletes like Saquon and Rob have been praised for news of them not spending any of their NFL contracts. Saquon and Rob are great examples of being frugal because they are thinking long term by creating a nest egg that will last well after their careers are over. The reason they are fortunate enough to not spend the income from their contract is because they've created multiple sources of income as a result of their status. Endorsements specifically have given Saquon and Rob a great second source of income. 

As an athlete it's important to create multiple streams of income. Using your status while it's at its highest peak only makes the most sense. 

Not every athlete will have the status or popularity to live solely off an endorsement to cover all their expenses. Rob Gronkowski is one of the most marketable athletes in the NFL and Barkley was the 2nd draft pick in the biggest media market playing for NY Giants.

The point of this article is to show you that there are others ways to use your profile as an athlete to make income.

Whether you are endorsements brands and products, speaking at events, autograph signings, training or mentoring, there are numbers of ways to take advantage of your job. If you can use other flows of income to help supplement a bill that will allow you to keep more money in your nest egg. The main principle we can take away from Rob and Saquon is that they are keeping their main stash intact and letting that grow.