Book Review: Win Again! Turn Athletic Excellence Into Business Success

These books we highlight are meant to help you on your way to take the next steps in becoming A Frugal Athlete. Our hope is that the books reviewed will help you make the prudent decisions both financially and career wise to help with your own personal playbook. Ultimately leaving you with our key takeaways hoping to create open dialogue and discussion on different ways to ultimately become a frugal athlete.

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In Win Again! Turn Athletic Excellence Into Business Success, Moyer gives athletes the tools to successfully transition into the business world after their careers are over. Here are our Frugal takeaways:

Trophy Moments

As an athlete, you may feel discouraged leaving the game that you don’t have “true” work experience to easily transition into the next job after you retire. It’s important to list your personal strengths and highlight key accomplishments to help you realize just how much you bring to the table. Many times we underestimate our triumphs because they don’t match a particular space we may be involved in but by recapping your trophy moments you will realize you are more than capable in any position you choose.


LinkedIn is an essential resource for you to use at your disposal. Yes, you can have twitter, instagram, and facebook but for the corporate network, it’s imperative you have LinkedIn.

Once you have a LinkedIn profile now you have to set yourself apart. Moyer divulges in the 5 essential elements you must seriously consider to make your LinkedIn stand out.


Job Title

Current Workplace

Summary Statement


These 5 elements will make or break your chances of possibly getting that position you wanted or the recruiter picking your file above the others.


Moyer claims that your resume is your last line of attack, not your first. You should use your resume as a reference. He explains that, “ your resume is a two-dimensional representation of you. It doesn’t showcase your talent or make clear what’s unique about you.” In the case for athletes, that’s true you need to find an alternative way to set yourself apart. Your resume will have different experiences that often times get overlooked because your proficiencies translate differently.


It’s so important to create an established network. Your network will take you a long way in making the necessary connections to get you past certain doors. Like they say as your network is your networth. As a professional athlete, you are able to increase your network tenfold just by the platform you have. Moyer, identifies five common-sense steps for networking:

  1. Prepare

  2. Listen

  3. Engage

  4. Offer

  5. Ask

Athletic Excellence to Business Success

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Moyer provides a diagram that shows how you can excel in the business world.