Tom Brady's Excellence On & Off The Field

Talk about capitalizing on a moment.

Immediately after Tom Brady won his 6th ring, his health and wellness company TB12 posted this on Instagram:

Screenshot 2019-02-03 21.39.40.png

This is absolutely amazing and every athlete, agent, business manager, and sports marketing individual should take note. Tom Brady the undisputed greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL has built a brand on excellence, consistency, and longevity. HIs company came out with a timely mantra, “From 6th round to 6th ring” and decided to create “limited edition” merch to commemorate his latest achievement. Tom Brady is smart for a number of reasons. He has used his platform to create a plethora of alternative sources of income. Whether it’s entrepreneurial ventures, endorsements, or media he’s exemplified what it means to be A Frugal Athlete. Obviously, Brady is anomaly as a professional athlete and not everyone will have a career like his but that doesn’t mean other athletes can’t take his principles and apply it to their own career.

Why can’t you start your own merch account, or workout program, or meal plan course? You may not have the following like Tom Brady, but you are a professional athlete at the highest level and have a following unlike 98% of the world. Services like shopify, fiverr, upwork, gumroad, teachable, and plenty others allow you to make it easy to accomplish these things. Don’t waste the opportunity at hand, you don’t know how long being a professional athlete will last.

Tom Brady’s net worth is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $180 Million dollars. Here is an example of how he adds to his ever growing nest egg…..



If we just use Instagram as an example, Tom Brady has around 5.4 M followers on his personal account and 273K followers on his TB12 account. TB12 are selling the “6” T-shirts for $35.00 dollars. If 50,000 followers just from his TB12 account were to buy one shirt from his limited edition line, the company would walk away with 1.75 M dollars in revenue.

Absolutely insane if you truly think about it. This is just his Instagram account we haven’t even dissected his Facebook or Twitter marketing or even paid advertisements to entice people to get his merch. 1.75 M dollars from 1 shirt if less than half of his followers from his company account were to buy his gear. There are so many other athletes that have 10k, 50k, 100k followers that aren’t taking advantage creating this revenue model for their own careers. It’s shocking to think about considering the amount of professional athletes that struggle with finances after their careers are over aren’t capitalizing on the fruits that come with their careers. When Tom Brady finally decides to hang up the boots and stop winning Super Bowls, he won’t have a salary to depend on, it will be the income he created using his platform that will carry him……along with his nest egg and interests from his accounts, and wife’s net worth and so on and so on but you get my point. Let this be a call to action for you to build your own financial nest egg off the career you were able to accomplish.