Four Simple Ways To Network As An Athlete

Your Network Is Your Net worth

As professional athletes you have the ability to connect with almost anyone and everyone. Whether it’s through your own relationships or the relationships of your organizations and even social media presence. You have the capability to increase your network and learn from subject matter experts. As an athlete, everyone wants to connect with you whether it’s for an autograph or being part of your entourage. Where are these people when you retire though? You have to use your Athlete status to help yourself because there is no better time than when you are ACTIVELY playing…..and who knows how long that will be

Give away your tickets

As a professional athlete, you get an allotted amount of tickets per game. Why not offer tickets to people you would like to connect with. Magic Johnson use to connect with local business leaders and celebrities by providing them tickets to his Lakers games. Imagine how long of a way that goes, that by simply offering tickets and making sure you acknowledge your guests after the game. Everyone likes free stuff, but free stuff from a professional athlete can help your network tenfold.


The power of LinkedIn is just scratching the surface. Athletes would give themselves an added benefit by simply using LinkedIn as a platform to connect with individuals in sectors they are passionate about. If athletes used LinkedIn as much as they used Twitter or Instagram, they would grow their business relationships that could ultimately help them with their endeavors on and off the field.


Give people an inside look into your everyday life. Take them to the locker room, stadium, gym,etc. Much like offering tickets to a game. Simply giving people access can help cultivate a relationship that will help you down the road.


As an athlete, your team will require you to attend a certain amount of appearances throughout the year. These appearances can sometimes be boring or time consuming. Don’t be too cool for school, attend as many appearances as you can. Not only will your organization love your willingness to help out and attend but the community will start recognizing your efforts. You never know who you will meet and your organization will remember you for when the lucrative appearances come into play.