3 Takeaways from VaynerSports Sports Biz Documentary

VaynerSports the Gary Vaynerchuck, widely known as Gary Vee, backed NFL agent representation company did a partnership video with The Entrepreneur titled The Business of Sports highlighting their annual Super Bowl kick off party. Gary Vee and his brother AJ Vaynerchuck have taken the agent world by storm giving the NFL a breath of fresh air with their new innovative approach to representation for their NFL stars. The documentary covered a lot about the ever-changing landscape in the business of sports from the athlete perspective and what the future will hold. It will be interesting to see how many people adopt to some of the trends and who ends up being the winners in this new game of sports business.

These were our 3 frugal lessons from the video:

New type of agents

Players are looking for more now than just good terms on a contract. Now that players understand performance control and how that will give them an indication on what they will get on the field, what are agents providing and offering to make the athlete happy off the field. How are agents working to make their clients’ lives easier. Agents in a sense are not only working within the sports landscape but almost as a concierge service too.


What VaynerSports has focused on is the full sphere of the athlete. Hence why they identify as a full service representation agency. What do you like, what are your goals, and how can we make your job on the field easier. For example, a client really loved Bird scooters, VaynerSports from there used their connections to give their client a custom Bird scooter.


Your brand isn’t something you can wait until the end of your career to focus on. Immediately once you become a professional preferably before you should have an idea of how you want to present yourself and what you want your brand to exemplify. There is no greater attention than the moment of being an active professional athlete. You have an authority and it’s your job to take full advantage of that.

Sports Business

The business of sports is just scratching the service. Athletes will be at the forefront of all the new trends happening. Whether it’s in Sports Tech, Sports Marketing, Business, Esports, Betting, etc athletes will be key stakeholders in what happens moving forward. If you are a professional athlete, what active steps are you taking to make sure you reap the benefits both while you’re playing and definitely after.