3 Frugal Lessons We Learned From Shifting Gears II

Kyle Prater was a former number 1 high school All American wider receiver that attended USC but eventually transferred to Northwestern University. He played for the New Orleans Saints before finally Shifting Gears to follow his passion behind the lens as a filmmaker / creative director. In his self directed film Shifting Gear II, a sequel to his original documentary Shifting Gears, he opens up about his transition out of the game. Prater doesn’t hold back in his honest portrayal of what it’s like growing up having your whole life consumed in the sport. He opens up about overcoming adversity and finding his identity.

Here are 3 Frugal Lessons from his documentary:

Don’t Box Yourself In

Kyle Prater talks about how he could have sulked and complained after being released from the New Orleans Saints. His whole life goal was about making it to the NFL only to be released a few short years later. However Prater used the time to get straight into camera work. His second passion. Whether it was contract work or freelance, Prater kept himself busy following something that gave him similar feelings to being on the field. Kyle Prater talks about how it was easy to dive into video production because he spent so much time during his life in front of a camera playing he can understand different insights behind it.

As an athlete, it’s important not to box yourself in. Just like on the field if a defender knows your favorite move, you have to have a counter move to get past that roadblock. In sports and life, Kyle Prater showed that this feat is capable. That’s not to say just completely give up on your dream. In fact, in the original documentary Shifting Gears, Prater is still actively pursuing getting back into the NFL. However, that’s not all he’s pursuing. He is building his production company and his football academy and coaching. He’s not boxing himself in or wasting time sulking.


“….And I overcame an addiction, without nobody knowing”

Prater opens up about his struggle with addiction to pain meds during his time at USC because of the constant injuries. It was heart breaking to hear what Prater was going through at such a young age all by himself. It wasn’t until he broke down and told his family that he was able to attack his problem head on. As an athlete, so much is expected from you especially after you’ve been touted to do so many things. That pressure is too much too handle even when things are going well.

Addiction is something that can affect all of us. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or even the need to be identified as an athlete it’s important to have your loved ones around you to help. As athletes, you will go through injuries, bad moments of form, and retirement. The key is to make sure you are at peace with how your career and life has played out and you have the right people there to support you. Imagine if Kyle Prater didn’t have his family with him and had a bunch of leeches waiting for their gifts when Prater made it to the NFL….

Chase Greatness

Matt Forte, former Chicago Bears running back, and close friend of Kyle Prater recollects his retirement and how he was able to learn from Kyle. He talks about his quest to chase greatness.

As an athlete there will be no better feeling than being a professional athlete. What are you going to do about? Are you going to waste your life reminiscing?

As Forte explained it’s about Chasing Greatness in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue next. That will give you the juice you need to Shift Gears in the best way. As Prater has done with his full fledged production company.