5 Education Programs Athletes Should Consider For Personal Development

As professional athletes, you never stop learning and working on your game. You learn different skills and recovery habits and new ways to read defenses or opponents. You continue your education in your craft to help improve your ability. Off the field; however, once you have left school at whatever age to pursue your professional career, the learning takes a back seat. Education is paramount to your well being. It’s why in college you are a student athlete and not athlete student. You can’t be an athlete forever but you will always be a student whether it’s a student of life or student of education.

As athletes, education programs are important for you to continue your personal and career development. As an athlete you are a business person first and it’s important to use your career as a springboard for your life.

Here are 5 education programs athletes should consider:

Harvard CrossOver Into Business Program


Harvard Executive Education Crossover Into Business Program for Professional Athletes. Ran by Professor Anita Elberse, the program is designed to help athletes “get smarter about making business decisions and best prepare for a career after sports.”

Columbia Entrepreneurship Program


Developed in partnership with sports professionals, the Entrepreneurship for Professional Athletes program is designed to provide them with both the framework and the tools required to validate and launch new business ventures. From for-profit to nonprofit venture, this program helps participants put together the game plan needed to realize their vision and mitigate execution risk.

Columbia Venture Investing Program

The program is meant to provide professional athletes the opportunity to learn how to evaluate venture-stage investment opportunities and understand how and why to build a portfolio for optimal financial returns.

Tuck Business School Next Step Program at Dartmouth

The transition from the military or athletics into the civilian world is complex and demands new skills and knowledge. Tuck's Next Step program is your partner to navigate that transition and set your sights on a new horizon: a career in business.

Business Academy at Michigan Ross

Catered for NFL players specifically. The curriculum mixes lecture, group discussion, practitioner presentations, and visits to the field, with an action-based project where participants will apply their learnings with group business presentations. The fundamentals of business management and entrepreneurship, real estate and franchising to offer a single, comprehensive program

For more information on any of these programs don’t hesitate to reach out info@afrugalathlete.com