10 Jobs Where Student Athletes Can Make Money

Whether you believe student athletes should get paid or not is a debate that will continue to transpire for as long as we continue to watch and follow college sports. Regardless of how you feel, we can all admit that student athletes are amazing individuals that are able to balance education and sports at the highest level during their early adult years. Not every student athlete is fortunate enough for a full ride scholarship let alone stipend to help them with regular expenses any college student deals with.

Some student athletes pick up jobs to help with expenses or to give them work experience or even get extra cash to have on hand. It’s tough to add work to a schedule when you are a student athlete as Richard Sherman once pointed out the difficulty navigating life as a student athlete. For the ones that can manage the work load and need to create some avenues to make money whether in their offseason or during their downtime.

Here are 10 ways student athletes can make money on the side

Ride Share Driver

If you have a car, you can sign up to apply for UBER or LYFT. You can make a good amount per week based on your bandwith and schedule. The best thing about being a ride share driver, your location is more than ideal being on or near a college campus. This allows you to get multiple rides without the hassle of overextending yourself.

Delivery Driver

Whether it’s Instacart or Postmates or GrubHub or DoorDash, you can make money delivering groceries or food to hungry individuals. This is great side hustle for student athletes, not looking to put too much stress on themselves.


Getting paid to park cars at nice restaurants is something simple. Just don’t crash anyone’s car or give someone back the wrong car!

Pet Sitter

If you are into animals specifically dogs and cats, you can use an app like Rover to get paid for providing services to animals. You literally could get paid to walk a dog!!

Electric Scooter Charger

Specifically at a college campus, electric scooters are very prevalent. You can become a scooter juicer as it’s known to get paid for recharging scooters for people to use. All you have to do is sign up and take them home.


Who knows the game better than an elite athlete? Being a referree may give you an extra apprecition for the game and may have you treat the referees you go up agaisnt nicer. Once you get your necessary certification which is a fairly simple process, you can ref youth games for up to 50 dollars per hour. That’s not bad at all!

Substitute teacher 

Christian Wilkins was a National Champion star tackle for the Clemson Tigers who before making it to the NFL spent his free time making up to $80 dollars per day as a substitute teacher. As a substitute teacher not only can you control your own schedule, you don’t have to worry about a strenuous workload. In most cases, the teacher has a scheduled plan for you to implement already and if worse comes to worse, you can have your class watch movies. Seems like a great way an athlete can make extra money.


College parties need security. In most cases, fraternities and sororities that host functions will look to hire football or basketball players to serve as bouncers for their party. Not sure about the legal ramifications around this but seems like an easy way to get money helping regulate who comes in and out of a party and stopping any potential mishaps.

Task Rabbit

Running errands whether it’s helping people move storage or mowing a lawn. Making a task rabbit profile may not be the worst thing you could do as a student athlete to make money. If you are handy or good with following directions then you may be in for a treat.


As a student athlete, you’ve made it to an elite level. Not many people can say they are collegiate athletes competing in their respective sport. Use that to your advantage and train kids that may want to reach your level. Services like Coach Up, allow you to book trainings with potential prospects where you can charge as much as someone is willing to pay.