3 Things Student Athletes Should Do If They Control Their Likeness

How Student Athletes Can Benefit As NCAA Looks To Explore Names and Likeness

ESPN recently reported that the NCAA is exploring ways to modify rules that would allow athletes to receive compensation for their names and likeness. This is a potential game changer for college sports as we know it. As the pendulum shifts for college athletes to get more compensation in some way, shape, or form, this rule change could be the initial push needed to help. Imagine if Zion Williamson, star basketball player for Duke and projected 2019 NBA Number 1 pick was able to control his likeness. According to reports, the impact of Zion alone was the main reason for Duke surge in TV ratings. He has more social media engagement than most established NBA players.


In the past, student athletes have been punished for trying to take advantage of their likeness. Threats have been made as serious as expulsion. As the NCAA looks to give their student athletes more freedom, it’s important that student athletes have an idea of some things they can and should do if the rule ever changes. As student athletes you may not have the exposure like Zion but you have control of your name and platform and can monetize in a way that wasn’t done before. Here are 3 things student athletes should do:

CREATE A PLATFORM ……that can be monetized

Whether it’s Youtube, Podcast, Merch Site, Website, or even Instagram, every student athlete should take advantage of the fact you are able to control your likeness. As a student athlete you have unbelievable access to an already built niche community. You have an audience of thousands of classmates right next to you that you can leverage. Being able to explore different social media outlets that work for you will allow you to create a monetization lane that can be a head start for when you regardless of it you make it to the big leagues or just stop playing after college.

Donald De La Haye was a collegiate football player at UCF who got suspended because of his budding Youtube channel. He wasn’t allowed to use his likeness to promote his Youtube video. His Youtube account currently has over 1 Million subscribers. If NCAA were to change the rules, Donald would be able to monetize and play a sport at the highest level. He would also bring positive exposure to the school, possibly save UCF a scholarship if his likeness is helping him compensate, and give a great opportunity for their own student athlete.

Speaking Engagements & Appearances

It’s not easy to be an elite student athlete. Whether you are a walk on, bench player, or star recruit to be able to play sports at the collegiate level is no small feat. You know how many kids dream of going to play in a Final Four or how many parents pay for their kids’ private trainers so they can have a sniff of an opportunity to go to college on a scholarship. Your story matters! It’s important to share that whether it’s to your old high school or elementary school or a room full of college alumni. People will pay for you to come speak. Being able to say I’m so and so from national champion football team Alabama or I’m so and so, 4 year elite rower from Ivy league school Dartmouth means a great deal.

Are you a student athlete or an athlete student

Are you a student athlete or an athlete student


This should come as no surprise and should already be seriously implemented as a student athlete. However, when you control your likeness people will be looking to scrutinize you more.” To whom much is given much is expected.” Things you may have been fortunate enough to get away with will be brought to light now that you are able to control your likeness. How many times have we seen old tweets from a newly drafted professional athlete resurface. It’s important that if you get the chance to control your likeness and your name, that’s more responsibility on your shoulders. The school will not have time to babysit your mistakes like in previous years. Brands and companies that may want to work with you now may look into what you were doing in high school now. You are not only a representative of the things you associate with but your overall name and brand as well.