Frugal Lessons From Ballers: Season 5 Episode 2

Ballers is a HBO series show about a former football player turned financial manager (a character named Spencer, played by The Rock) that highlights the life of current and former players in regards to sports and finances and how they balance it all together.  Ballers goes in depth on a number of topics involving the lifestyle of professional athletes from players transitioning post career to handling family and friends to dealing with negotiations.

The following highlights different key financial points from the show that athletes deal with or can learn from.

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Vernon is very interested in pursuing his passion for Esports. Esports is a new sport phenomena that has taken the sports business world by storm.  Prototypical athletes are looking to get into the esports sector either through investments or participating on their own. 

As a marquee athlete this is a great way to not only tap in to a new demographic but create a new avenue for potential monetary opportunities. 

Injuries / Retiring

Ricky unfortunately gets in an accident and tears all the ligaments in his knee. He’s come to the conclusion that his career is over and he is having a hard time coping. 

What’s so ironic is that Ricky’s injury didn’t come from football. It just proves the point that you can never plan for the end. You have to have an identity outside of sports and know that when you are done 

Bad Decisions

There are athletes that find themselves getting in trouble all the time due to putting themselves in bad situations at the wrong time. Charles is faced with a decision about a player that happened to get in a gun fight. 

As an athlete and now public figure, you have to realize you can’t get in the situations  or environments that you once grew up in or could possibly get in trouble. Not to say that you were ever suppose to be in peculiar situations to begin with but as  someone who’s in the spotlight you have to proceed with caution. Whether it’s getting in a fight, twitter battle, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can’t take any chances