3 Things Lebron Can Do With Taco Tuesday Brand

Lebron and his trademark company LBJ Trademarks filed for a broad array of potential business ventures under the term “Taco Tuesday” 

According to ESPN, The application include videos, podcast, marketing, blogging and services.


Lately we’ve seen athletes look to trademark different terms that they have made popular or associate with. 

For example, Tom Brady recently filed an application trademark for Tom Terrific

Lebron James is no stranger to Trademark cases. For his development for the HBO series The Shop he went to battle with Alabama over the naming and development genre

Although Lebron nor Tom may end up getting the trademark both for different reasons it goes to show you the battle for athletes to control their IP and brand name. 

With that being said here are three different strategies Lebron can do with Taco Tuesday:

Youtube Show | Vlog

Lebron James travels around LA to find the best taco food trucks/restaurants and gives his opinion and reviews.

Food shows are very popular. Segre Ibaka has one where he interviews teammates over unique food options. Hot Ones is one of the most popular channels where the host interviews famous people while they eat hot wings with sauces. 

Whether Lebron created a vlog style show or interview based channel catered around Tacos it would definitely bring in an audience. 

Game Show

Imagine a Gordon Ramsey like type show where Lebron James gives aspiring chefs the opportunity to create a new restaurant based on how much he likes their tacos.  Lebron already has a history of creating game like tv shows that attract viewership. He wants to tap into Hollywood and what better way to create a new show in a whole new demographic. 


Lebron could create a taco Tuesday type of special sauce and license it to different restaurants. Lebron has the marketability to create something with Taco Tuesday that would definitely get people to buy. As long as it’s good of course, this could be a viable option for Lebron James  and his ventures. 

As athletes it’s important to protect your IP whenever you get a chance to. If you don’t someone else can reap the benefits. By creating content and business around your ideas or name, can help prove or make a case for why you need a trademark.