3 Ways Student Athletes Can Use Their Likeness

California governor, Gavin Newsom just passed a law that will allow collegiate student athletes the ability to use their name and likeness for endorsements in California starting in 2023. In an Uninterrupted interview, Newson explains the pushback and reasoning for giving student athletes the platform to create income for themselves. As a student athlete, you are a driving revenue generator for your school. The NCAA makes billions of dollars because of the competitions student athletes compete in. Take for example, Katelyn Ohashi who went viral from her routine at UCLA or UCF kicker, Donald De La Haye who was suspended because of his youtube channel, both athletes received no sort of compensation or were punished for it because of different stipulations.

Now that athletes can use their likeness what happens next? What are some ways where athletes can take advantage of their platform to help themselves financially in the long run. Well here are 3 frugal athlete ways, student athletes can use their likeness:

Amazon Associates Affiliate Account

Imagine if you could get paid simply off the recommendations you made from the things you use or buy. With an amazon affiliate account you can do just that? Your favorite books of all time, your favorite gadgets, training items you use to help your performance, all you have to do is link them through your amazon profile and you can get compensated for every purchase made through your referrals. As a student athlete with a following, people will gravitate towards what you are supporting, wearing, and highlighting. This is a simple way to make money just by highlighting your favorite stuff.


Social Media Account

Collegiate athletes in some cases have larger followings than their counterparts in the professional ranks. Implementing a social presence will go a long way for you as an athlete to give yourself a greater chance at potential sponsorship opportunities. Whether you like it or not, as a collegiate athlete you are a public figure so it’s imperative you treat yourself as such. You are a business, a brand, and company. Why not create a social presence that speaks to your identity. Whether it’s a Youtube channel or Instagram feed or LinkedIn profile, making sure you take advantage of digital will be the best ROI for your career.

Merch Site

An easy way to use your likeness is to use a dropshipping company to sell your own merch. Imagine if Zion Williamson had a merch line during his time at Duke and sold gear. Platforms such as Shopify, TeeSpring, Loyalist, amongst others allow for you to create designs on t shirts and other apparel to sell them all online without ever having to worry about inventory. Through 3rd party dropshipping you can create a whole merch line from your computer or phone. Here’s an example of an athlete using a dropshipping account to sell merch! While the price points may not be as profitable as running your own inventory the amount of stress and time commitment is much less.


Protect Your IP

Student athletes need to protect their Intellectual Property. Whether it’s their domain or ideas, it’s important to know that you are now a target to possibly being taken advantage of. Whether you need to hire a lawyer, manager, consultant or just simply make sure you buy your domain . It’s important to stay ahead of the curve.