Frugal Lessons from Ballers, Season 3 Episode 2

Ballers is a HBO series show about a former football player turned financial manager (a character named Spencer, played by The Rock) that highlights the life of current and former players in regards to sports and finances and how they balance it all together.  Ballers goes in depth on a number of topics involving the lifestyle of professional athletes from players transitioning post career to handling family and friends to dealing with negotiations.

The following highlights different key financial points from the show that athletes deal with or can learn from.



In Season 3 episode 2, Vernon is in hot water due to a cannabis brand he represents. Although, the compensation for his sponsorship deal is a substantial amount, it doesn’t go over well with his team staff or financial advisors. 

Your image is important as an athlete or anyone for that matter, it can affect future business for yourself in the long term. Perception is reality and it’s important to spread a positive image to your fans and audience. Your positive image can increase brand exposure which can lead to more money off the field.

If you look around the professional leagues, the athletes with the majority of endorsements are the ones that portray a positive image.


Ricky tags along with Spencer for his business trip to Vegas and experiences the highs and lows of gambling. The one rule of thumb when it comes to gambling is that the house always wins. Ricky starts off hot on the table and ends up losing a whole lot of money because he started chasing when he lost. NEVER Chase!!

It was particularly interesting to see Spencer bet and immediately leave after he won while Ricky continued to ride his luck when he should have been more than content enough with his winnings at that time. 

Athletes have a natural competitive intensity that comes out when gambling and it’s important that you control that in order to avoid losing a million dollars like Ricky. There are unfortunately a number of real-life examples in the sports world.