Garrett Temple: Saving is King

Q: How is it to see your career sort of come full circle now that you're back with the Kings? Now a veteran, what has changed both on and off the court for you?


A:  It feels amazing. I definitely have a sense of accomplishment because of how I've gotten to this point. The journey that I took to get here has made it that much sweeter. On the court I am a lot more patient and play with a much better pace. Shooting and decision making has improved because of that. Off the court, nothing has really changed I still spend money like I'm on a veteran minimum contract.

 Q: You have been on both sides of the spectrum as an NBA basketball professional, how has that made you the player you are today?

A: It has allowed me to understand my teammates a lot better. Whether it's the 15th guy or the superstar. I don't take anything for granted, but I also know that this is a BUSINESS at the end of the day. 

 Q: What has been the best advice you have received financially when it comes to playing basketball?

A: Save my money!!! Learn to say NO!! After I signed my new contract, my father told me to spend even less money now than I was when I was making 8 times less. 

 Q: From D-League contracts to wholesome contracts, what are some concepts you learned from the financial side seeing what it's like at different stages?

A: Honestly there haven't been any concepts that I've learned from that. Besides the fact that you get taxed no matter how much money you make! 

Q: As a player who was once undrafted grinding in the D-League, do you have any humbling stories of how you had to make ends meet?

A: Fortunately for me, I don't. I was blessed to have a mother and father that were successful entrepreneurs/business owners. If I ever got in a bind, they would take care of it. But I was never a big spender so actually making money playing basketball for the first time in the D-League was a nice concept to me.

Q: What advice would you have for any upcoming professional athlete in regards to being smart financially?

A: As cliché as it sounds... SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Specifically, find a way to live off of 15-20% of your income if possible. If you can live off less than definitely live off less!!! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT FADS and TRENDS. And learn to say NO to friends or people who ask for money. 

Q: You come from a  prominent basketball family, having a dad (first African American to play basketball at LSU)  and older brother that both played at a high level. Did your family background help in any sort of way when it came to handling off the court situations such as budgeting and sound money habits?

A: My family was definitely the foundation of where I got my financial literacy from. As well as spending habits. Not because two of my family members played ball but because everyone in my immediate family was smart with it. My mother as well as my father both preach "save your money." My second oldest brother is the most frugal person I know. He's very good with budgeting. And my oldest brother is a financial planner. So I have no choice, lol.


Garrett Temple

is an NBA veteran for the Sacramento Kings after an illustrious 4 year career at LSU. Temple, originally undrafted, made stops in both the NBA development league and overseas before finding a home in the NBA. Known for his strong defense and leadership, Temple is now a coveted player.