Team Frugal: NFL Player Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch

You may know him as BeastMode or for his rants or unique personality and hilarious sound bites but Marshawn Lynch is as real as they come and has garnered the respect from everyone he comes across in his storied football career.

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For that reason, Marshawn Lynch is this week's #TeamFrugalTuesdays selection.

Marshawn Lynch is one of the toughest running backs to ever play. After a stellar career with the University of California, he was drafted to the Buffalo Bills. It wasn't until he was traded to Seattle where  his career really blossomed. He won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks and is now with his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders, after a short term retirement. 

Marshawn Lynch is known for not spending any money from his football salary and living solely off of his endorsements. Lynch is one of the highest earning NFL players when it comes to endorsements. His endorsements include Skittles, Nike, Progressive, Activision, and Microsoft. Although, Lynch has refuted those comments, he has admitted to his frugal tendencies, partly because he knows what it's like being poor, even claiming in an interview, "when you've eaten cereal with roaches next to it, you never want to get back to that point"....

Lynch has also been reported as helping younger teammates set up their 401k contributions. This is very commendable considering how many athletes don't have the knowledgeof how their 401k works or even how much they are allowed to contribute each year. Lynch has taken it upon himself to be a leader and help the next generation of players from an off-the-field standpoint. 

Lynch is also an intelligent businessman. He has trademarked multiple phrases and nicknames that have made him famous. For example, phrases such as "Beast Mode" and "I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined."  As an athlete, it is important to build your brand and take advantage of your likeness just as the big companies attempt to do. Lynch has even opened a retail store. Guess what it's called?.........Beast Mode

Lynch is a prominent figure in his Oakland community. With fellow NFL player and cousin Josh Johnson, Lynch has helped at-risk youth and small businesses. In fact, Lynch recently helped a restaurant in the area from going out of business.

Lynch is a great example of an athlete who has used his experiences and learned from it, not only to make himself better but the people around him better.

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