Episode 2: Resources For A Frugal Athlete

A Frugal Athlete Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by founder, Amobi Okugo. This podcast is meant to provide an insiders look into the financial playbook of professional athletes, give insights on what it means to be a frugal athlete, and discuss topics regarding  all things sports business. The podcast will run every Wednesday and be available on AnchorApple Podcast, and Google Play.

In this episode I talk about the different resources that can help on your quest to be A Frugal Athlete. From books to podcasts to other platforms, this is great information that can build your financial base. I also highlight two athletes that are helping their peers become frugal athletes. I also divulge in what I learned at a Thuzio conference I went to and talk about another conference I’m attending at the NBA all star weekend.


Show Notes:


Winning the Money Game

Athlete CEO

Brands Win Championships

Athletes Are Brands Too

Free Agent

Money Shot

New Money Staying Rich

Is There Life after the NFL

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Millionaire Next Door

Think and Grow Rich

Richest Man in Babylon

Pogues Basic Money


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