Episode 15: Knowledge Is Power with Arik Armstead

A Frugal Athlete Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by founder, Amobi Okugo. This podcast is meant to provide an insiders look into the financial playbook of professional athletes, give insights on what it means to be a frugal athlete, and discuss topics regarding  all things sports business. The podcast will run every Wednesday and be available on AnchorApple Podcast, Spotify and Google Play.

We sit down with Arik Armstead star defensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers and talk about his journey both on and off the field. We take a deep dive into what he’s learned from a financial perspective so far in his early career, why knowledge is power, and the value in being more than just an athlete. Make sure you tune in for the many gems Arik Armstead provides.


Show Notes:

arik armstead pod pic.png

Arik Armstead is a NFL star defensive lineman currently playing for the San Francisco 49ers. After 3 excellent seasons at The University of Oregon, Arik entered the draft and was a 1st round pick. From the city of Sacramento, Arik is very active in his community and has taken a big initiative to help education reform. 

Favorite book:

The 4-Hr Workweek by Tim Ferris